Depending on God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As the people of Israel faced the tiny town of Ai, they were brimming with confidence. Having just defeated the mighty fortress at Jericho, they felt invincible. They may have felt that they were trusting in God, but in reality they took for granted that He would bring them the kind of victory they just had at Jericho.

But there is no record that they ever consulted God or sought His direction. They felt they could determine what they needed for battle. As they approached Ai, these men, filled with overconfidence, felt they were sufficient in themselves to win.

The result was a disastrous defeat. They depended on their own resources and strength, and just assumed that He would bless them. And they paid the price.

When we engage in any activity, we are faced with the option of depending on ourselves, or on God. This dependence begins with our evaluation of the situation, and follows through every step. Every strategy. Every plan. Every tactic.

Clearly, God wants us to use our intelligence and experience. To think and analyze. To grow in understanding, and seek to make wise choices. However, we must not depend on ourselves, or take His blessing for granted.

The Bible makes it clear how dangerous it can be to trust in ourselves. God can use our wisdom, resources, and experience, but we must place all of these things in His hands, and seek His wisdom, direction, and guidance.

Be careful to lay your plans before God. Commit your way to Him, in advance, and don’t take Him for granted. Make sure that your actions are consistent with His Word, and that you have the peace of the Holy Spirit. And bathe your actions and plans in prayer. Seeking Him. Confident in Him. Trusting Him.