Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Jewish leaders had a problem. A miracle had taken place through the lives of Peter and John. This undeniable fact was particularly “noteworthy.” In fact, it was “apparent to all who live in Jerusalem.”

Yet these leaders were determined not to consider the evidence. They were so hardened in their beliefs that they could not accept that this irrefutable miracle had taken place. They resolutely clung to their preconceived conclusions, refusing to change. Their only concern was limiting the impact of the Gospel.

Yet their opposition could not stop the spread of the Gospel. Miracles continued taking place. Lives were changed.

The same patterns continue to exist today. Those who have been impacted by the Gospel know that it is real. Miracles have taken place. Lives have been changed. Changes are so dramatic and real that they cannot be denied.

Yet some people are not moved. Not just skeptical, they seem determined not to change or consider that the Gospel is real. Denying facts, they are concerned with perpetuating their own interpretations. They try to limit the impact of the Gospel, even going so far as trying to discredit Gospel messengers.

Like Peter and John, we should not be surprised by these reactions. But we should not allow this opposition to impact our ministry. We should continue serving God, sharing the Gospel, and using the power He has given us to change lives, meet needs, and perform miracles.