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In his initial attempt to find the fabled Northwest Passage, Alexander Mackenzie traveled throughout Canada but failed to find it. Further study led to the belief that the route was down the Peace River, located in western Canada.

Guided by these conclusions, he and his companions set out in May 1793. After ten days, they entered the Peace River Canyon, twenty miles of terrifying rapids, surrounded by thousand-foot-high cliffs. Their only option was to go ashore, using hatchets and axes to cut a path, battling a huge briar patch.

When they discovered that the Peace River would not take them to the Pacific Ocean, they followed another river, hoping it would lead to the sea. Instead, they encountered violent rapids, and their canoe capsized. Swept downstream, their lives were spared, but they lost most of their supplies. They called this the Bad River.

Finally, they reached saltwater. They did not discover the Northwest Passage, but they still became the first to cross the continent north of the Mexican border.

Paul knew what it was like to face dangers. He had been imprisoned and beaten, stoned and shipwrecked (2 Corinthians 11:23-28). But God delivered him from every danger and was with him in every situation.

In your journey, seek to stay in tune with God. He has given you the Spirit to guide you. Let His Word light your path (Psalm 119:105). Never be discouraged. Move forward boldly by faith.