Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David felt overwhelmed and distressed. For him, it was a day of “calamity.” Running for his life, he was being hounded by King Saul. Facing the military might of Israel, he had every reason to feel overwhelmed.

During this difficult time, David confessed that he felt surrounded by “the pangs of death” and said his adversaries were “too strong for me.” Confronting the “floods of ungodliness,” he became afraid.

In his hour of need, David “called upon the LORD.” Then everything changed.

David realized he could depend upon God, no matter how dark the hour or how desperate the problems he faced. In every situation, the Lord was his strength and rock, his fortress and deliverer, his shield and stronghold, and the horn of his salvation. When he put his trust in the Lord and called upon Him for help, God would save him from his enemies.

We may be facing stressful situations, such as being overwhelmed with financial burdens or physical needs. We may have difficulties on our job or face spiritual opposition. But, like David, we can turn to God in our time of need.

No matter what we face, we do not have to be discouraged, nor give in to doubt or worry. Instead, we can call on God and start declaring His promises in our lives.

Today, in the situations you face, make sure that you have made God the rock of your life. Make Him your fortress and shield, your protection against any foe that might come against you. Don’t surrender to fear but call on Him, and allow Him to bring you victory.

Remember: God is your deliverer. He is right there by your side!