Defective Offerings

Defective Offerings

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Protocol. A critical aspect of relations between nations. Rules developed to make sure that proper respect is shown to people in important positions. The right salutations and formats of written communications. The correct way to address dignitaries. The kind of gifts considered appropriate. Violating protocols actually has led to duels, wars, and other types of conflict.

While these matters are important in business and diplomacy, the Bible reminds us that the same considerations apply to our relationship with God. We are reminded that our actions demonstrate our priorities to Him.

In His message to Malachi, God expressed His disappointment with the way His people were acting toward Him. They made “blemished” offerings, an indication that they didn’t really respect him. They took Him for granted, giving things of little or no value.

God called the person who did such things a “deceiver.” The Hebrew word suggests they were deceitful and trying to mislead. They wanted God to think highly of them, trying to trick Him into accepting their offering. But in fact, they were frauds. God knew the truth.

Such people demonstrated their real nature by the way they acted. They may have made vows, but their offerings were not worthy of “a great King.”

Today, consider your attitude toward God. Are you approaching Him as “a great King”? As the “Lord of hosts”? Are you giving Him your best or holding back, keeping the best for yourself?