Deeply Troubled

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It is the desperate conclusion of many who feel that they have no hope, that everything is lost. For people, like the psalmist, who conclude, “I am completely ruined” (New Century Version). Many become desperate having been disappointed by others, who may have not kept their promises, or failed to help in their hour of need.

As he faced his crisis, the psalmist felt encompassed by “the cords of death.” He was filled with “distress and sorrow.” While others may have failed him, God was completely trustworthy. He loved Him “because He hears my voice and my supplications.” Others might have deceived and lied to him, but God listened and responded. And because of His faithfulness, “I shall call upon Him as long as I live.”

Through these circumstances, the psalmist learned many things about God. That He was “gracious,” “righteous,” and “compassionate.” More than just saving him, He had “dealt bountifully” with him. He felt secure in Him.

The change was so dramatic that he overflowed with praise. And he responded by honoring the Lord with his resources. Remembering how others had failed to keep their promises, he did not want to be that way toward God. So he declared, “I shall pay my vows to the LORD.” He would “offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving.” Wanting everyone to know that God had been faithful, the psalmist determined to honor Him with his life.

How do you respond when you feel troubled and apprehensive? When there seems to be no hope? When it seems that others have failed you? Learn from the psalmist. Call on the Lord. Seek His face. Trust His Word. Make sure that you praise Him. And make sure that you pay your vows, honoring Him with your resources, and your life.