Deep Roots

Deep Roots

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Even though Paul had never met the believers in Colossae, he had practical concerns about them. He felt compelled to communicate basic truths for their health, growth, and protection essential for their spiritual journey.

In a world filled with possible influences, Paul wanted to encourage these Christians to develop deep roots and to dig in the right soil. These roots were necessary to grow and have the right spiritual nutrients.

By giving a picture of roots, Paul was teaching them that they couldn’t just dwell on the surface by going along with the crowd or accepting superficial ideas. In fact, digging is central to healthy growth in the Christian life. This digging includes studying His Word, a life of prayer, seeking God, and fellowshipping with other believers.

It is essential that this digging take place in the context of their relationship with Jesus. In fact, if misdirected, digging could take them in the wrong direction and give them a flawed foundation. This is why their roots needed to “grow down” into Jesus. Their lives needed to “be built on Him.” This approach help them grow in truth. It would lead to an “overflow” of blessings and “overflow with thankfulness.”

In your life, seek to think constantly about on your relationship with Jesus. Focus on Him. Constantly fellowship with Him. Don’t stay on the surface, but dig into His Word. Check your thoughts against His standards. Go deeper.