Dedicated to the Gospel

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

These men changed history, yet few are remembered. In fact, many have become mere footnotes.

These were the circuit-riding preachers who spread the Gospel throughout 19th century America. Risking their lives, they journeyed over hundreds of miles, in summer or winter, hot or cold, snow or rain. They rode for long hours, and had few comforts, frequently sleeping on the ground.

As an example, consider the dedication of Rev. J. B. Maxwell. Historian Everett Dick has described how, on one occasion, Maxwell was traveling with two other men in a wagon to a service being held eighteen miles away when “they encountered a terrific rainstorm.” They could have given up but, even though “they were thoroughly drenched,” they continued on their way.

When they were about three miles from their destination, “they came to a swollen stream.” They had a hard time seeing ahead because darkness was “intense.” But they realized they were in trouble as soon as the horses entered the water.

Trying to cross, they were drawn into the powerful current. The wagon flipped over, forcing Maxwell underwater. He and the others struggled but managed to reach shore. They were saved, but their horses drowned. And Maxwell lost his sermons, books, and clothes. Nonetheless, they continued on their way and conducted the service as planned, soaking wet.

Today, God looks for people with that same commitment, who will not be distracted, or allow anything to stop them from serving Him. Dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to Him and His Kingdom.