Dedicated to a Deeper Life

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

What separates the mediocre from the exceptional? Why do some seek excellence, while others are content with getting by or just doing the minimum? There are many examples of diverse approaches, whether in sports or business, education or entertainment. Even our Christian lives can be either mediocre or exceptional.

Musician Clifford Curzon, one of the 20th century’s greatest pianists, is an example of someone who never settled for mediocrity. To other musicians, he stood out because of his commitment to probe for deeper meaning in every piece of music he played.

Curzon spent hours in practice, examining phrases that others passed over with little thought. He experienced great joy in discovering new truths and finding hidden treasures. His dedication resulted in performances marked by rare, fresh insights.

This is the kind of attitude God rewards in spiritual things as well. He knows how easily we can settle for a shallow understanding or a “good enough” faith. But He gives us a choice: Do we want a superficial understanding of the Bible? Are we content to live a lukewarm Christian life? Or do we desire the deeper things of God?

Each day, you have opportunities to decide: Will you dig deeper, or remain on the surface? When you face problems, will you cry out to God for answers? Do you crave His insights and fill your mind with His Word? Do you really want His power in your life? Do you really seek excellence, or just want to get by with the minimum effort?

Today, think about the example of Daniel. When faced with a situation he did not understand, he set his face to the Lord. He fasted and was serious about seeking God. As a result, God gave him a breakthrough revelation.

Don’t be content with the mediocre. Make a new commitment to seek the deeper things of God.