Decisive Commitment

Decisive Commitment

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Julius Caesar needed to make a decision. And he knew that whatever he decided would change his life and history. The moment took place on this day in 49 BC.

He and his army were north of the Rubicon, a stream forming the boundary between Italy and a key Roman province. Although Caesar commanded Roman troops, the Roman Senate feared the disruption he might cause and banned him from entering Italy with his army.

So he waited. Finally, he decided to “cross the Rubicon,” stating, “The die is cast.” This decision led to a civil war in which Caesar was victorious. Today, people still use the phrase “to cross the Rubicon” to indicate they have made an important decision.

There are times when each of us must “cross the Rubicon.” We must make decisions and not sit on the fence.

Israel faced one of those times when many served false gods. Elijah called the people to stop hesitating, and decide whom they would serve. When no one responded, Elijah tested the prophets of these gods. Elijah had made his decision. He was willing to make a bold stand for God, who brought a great victory.

Today, ask yourself how committed you are to God’s Kingdom. Are you compromising with the world? Wavering back-and-forth? Or are you willing to make a total commitment to Him? Commit your life to Him. Serve Him with your whole being, and all that you have. Do not hold back.