Deceiving Yourself

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How well do you know yourself? And are you really being honest?

Recent research confirms that most people consistently fool themselves and overestimate their own motives and actions. Researchers observed as people spun stories that excused their own actions. They viewed themselves as kind, generous, and fair but applied different standards when evaluating others.

In our interactions, we see how often people think of themselves in a positive light. How easily they overlook their own flaws and justify their actions. They may be critical of others but tend to be sympathetic toward their own decisions.

They may criticize others, and assume the worst about their motives and character. But when they do the same kinds themselves, they are tolerant and forgiving, giving themselves the benefit of the doubt.

God knows this about us, and has given us directions to keep ourselves in perspective. The Bible tells us that we can reason ourselves into drawing the wrong conclusions. As a result, we can deceive ourselves. Jesus taught this principle when He warned us not to judge others, that we will be judged by the standards of our judgment (Matthew 7:1-2).

Today, remember that God is objective and that He judges you according to His perfect standards. Be careful before you judge others, and seek God’s perspective on your own life. Remember that He has given you His Word, and make sure to evaluate your life in light of its standards. Study the Word and remember it is the “perfect law.” Put its principles into action. And ask God to open your eyes to see yourself the way He sees you.