Deceived by Craftiness

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The peoples living in the land had begun to hear of the victories the Israelites achieved, wondering if anyone could defeat them, and their God.

As the inhabitants of the town of Gibeon faced these questions, they decided not to wait for a confrontation. Acting “craftily,” they developed a strategy of deception. Fooling Israel into thinking they had traveled long distances, they tricked the Israelites into a covenant agreement.

They made comments that must have made Joshua and Israel feel proud, flattered that their fame had spread far and wide. How mighty they must have seemed to themselves!

But two things were wrong. They did not check the facts, and they did not consult God. Not once did they pause to pray or seek Him. They did not remember what happened when they failed to consult Him when they decided to attack Ai (Joshua 7). They had not learned from their history in the wilderness.

Filled with self-confidence and pride, they allowed themselves to be deceived. When Israel learned the truth, they were angry but still had to keep their promises. It was a painful lesson.

Many people fail to learn these lessons, forming opinions based on the things others say, especially if they sound plausible and make sense at the moment. And they suffer the consequences of their actions, deceived, because they have not sought God.

Before you make decisions, stop to check the facts. Think. Dig deeper. Don’t give in to pride or flattery, but stay humble before God. Pray, and seek His wisdom. Commit everything to Him… before you make decisions.