Proven Paths

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God had provided everything His people needed. He gave them His Word to show them how to live. He promised to be with them, to guide them. But, amazingly, they had wandered from this path. He tried to warn them but they did not feel that they were doing anything wrong. They even proclaimed a false peace.

They had charted their own course, but He wanted them to realize that they were headed in the wrong direction.

He reminded them of the importance of living according to “the old paths.” To realize that these paths would bring them rest. But, in spite of these promises, His people resisted. Why? Because these paths were old. They were more interested in what was new and different. What seemed popular at the time.

This pattern still exists in the world. Many people believe that Christianity is dated, irrelevant, and old-fashioned. They want something new and different. Something modern.

Motivated by personal interest, they desire pleasure without concern for purpose and are willing to ignore God’s eternal laws. They adopt the constantly shifting trends and fads in the world, in their dress, language, and even morals. And, they refuse to recognize the true condition of their hearts, proclaiming a false peace.

The Bible reminds us that fashions may change. What is “new” today quickly will become “old.” But God’s Word always is true. In every season. Regardless of world conditions. And this Word is the key to receiving His blessings.

Make sure that you don’t resist God, or ignore His Word. Make that Word the standard for your life. Trust Him. Obey Him. And believe Him for favor, protection, blessing, and rest for your soul.