Intimidated and Afraid

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For 18 months, Judah resisted the siege of the mighty Babylonian army. On the surface, this might have seemed like an heroic stand. But, in fact, as Jeremiah declared, this was contrary to God’s will. He desired that they surrender. But, if they continued to resist, the city would be burned and, the leaders, including King Zedekiah would

not escape.

Perhaps surprisingly, Zedekiah was willing to obey. However, he was concerned not about the Babylonians but his fellow people, specifically some who had “gone over to the Chaldeans.”

Clearly, this king felt afraid and intimidated. Jeremiah had to reassure Zedekiah that God would keep His Word, if he obeyed. Zedekiah was convinced by Jeremiah’s reassurance. However, his heart still was filled with fear and wanted Jeremiah to make sure that no one would “know about these words.”

The King actually asked Jeremiah to be prepared to lie for him. If the officials came to talk with him, Jeremiah was to give them a story Zedekiah fabricated. Amazingly, Jeremiah agreed with this request. And the king’s plan worked.

Sometimes we might think that people with wealth and power are immune to fear and worry. But the reactions of Zedekiah remind us that everyone is human. Even kings and powerful men can be just as afraid and intimidated as ordinary men and women.

Today, think about your life. Is there any fear in your heart? Are there any forces or organizations that intimidate you? In every situation, remember to commit your ways to God. Seek His wisdom. And trust in Him. Never be afraid and always follow His leading, fully confident that He will keep His Word. That He is with you.