Honor Your Mother

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The man we know as St. Augustine had incalculable impact on the spread of the Gospel. Born in northern African in 354, he has been described as “the greatest father of the western church.” One primary reason for his commitment to the Gospel was the influence and relentless dedication of his mother, Monica.

Augustine prominently mentions her in his autobiography, Confessions. He recognized how diligently she sought to raise him in the right way. Even though she was married to a man described as difficult, she maintained a strong faith. In practical matters, she tried to make sure Augustine had the best possible education and gave him solid advice, even after he became an adult.

But perhaps her greatest desire was to teach him the ways of the Lord. As he admitted in Confessions, Augustine experienced many moments when he drifted away from God and pursued the wrong goals. At the time, he resented Monica’s efforts to protect and correct him, but eventually he realized how much he owed to her. He wrote how she “wept to [God] for me, shedding more tears for my spiritual death than other mothers shed for the bodily death of a son.”

Finally, her prayers were answered. Augustine embraced Christianity and came to appreciate fully his mother’s spiritual labors on his behalf. She lived to see him become a church leader. She died in peace, having told him, “There was one reason, and one alone, why I wished to remain a little longer in this life.” Her wish was to see her son become a dedicated believer. She was able to declare, “God has granted my wish and more besides.”

How many other men and women throughout history have been impacted by the concerns of their parents, particularly their mothers. Ask God to give you a spirit of humble gratitude for those who have influenced you.