Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The media paints pictures filled with ideas that sound attractive and lifestyles that seem exciting. If we base our lives on the images pictured, we might assume that the happiest people are those who reject the Bible and become dominated by the desires of the flesh without concern for God. Some feel that Christianity is irrelevant or obsolete. They assume that those who go to church and believe in God live boring lives.

But studies actually have shown the practical benefits of living according to God’s Word. For example, based on years of research, a recent study from a major university concluded that the happiest people were those who were married. They found that people who engaged in extramarital affairs were particularly unhappy. But we would never guess this if we believed myths encouraged in the media.

The world may paint a tainted picture of a Biblical lifestyle and the way to achieve happiness and satisfaction. But the Bible reminds us that the world’s customs can be misleading. We can easily be deceived by its false promises
and deceptive images.

The Bible teaches that God gave us His Word because He wants the best for us. His principles really work. Following Him leads to true contentment and joy, fulfillment and lasting purpose.

In your life, reject the illusions promised in the world. Stay focused on serving God. Make His Word your standard.