Crying for Guidance

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

On this day in 1740, before ships at sea could accurately track their longitudinal position, the HMS Centurion sailed from England for the South Pacific. Eight months later, as the Centurion rounded South America, a strong storm arose, battering the ship for fifty-eight days.

Using all his training and every available tool, their captain, George Anson, tried to steer the ship toward a safe harbor. But he did not have a clear picture of their location, or where the winds had taken them.

Finally, after days of struggle, land was spotted. They were shocked to discover that this was the South American coast. Through their struggles, they had been treading water, and even traveling in reverse.

Once they learned their location, they were able to chart a correct course. They headed west, eventually arriving at their haven. This ordeal, which cost more than 200 lives, helped spur the need to discover ways to measure longitude. Men at sea needed to know how to find their way.

In similar ways, many people find themselves confused. Unsure of their direction. Lost. Just treading water. But we need God’s guidance to steer through the storms of life. He has given us His Word and His Holy Spirit. Yet we still need to decide if we will listen and obey. And what we will do.

You can be confident that God can guide you through the storms you face. Do not be dismayed or afraid. Cry to Him. He will direct your steps and give you His wisdom and peace.