The Cry of God’s Heart

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God is concerned about obedience and faithfulness. The Bible makes this abundantly clear. The Bible also stresses that He is holy, and wants us to please Him by living a holy life. These are important to Him and part of His character, and vital to our Christian lives.

Yet the words from Hosea present another perspective about God. If we really hear what is behind these words, we can get a sense of His true nature. Here He reveals a heart that is filled with longing, compassion, and love.

Here we see how much God wants people to know Him and have fellowship with Him. We see how much it pains Him when we ignore Him and go astray. And when we don’t develop the love relationship that He desires for each of us.

The words “knowledge” and “knowledge of God” are used throughout Hosea, in part because God wants us to know the truth. Through words and examples, this book gives us an opportunity to realize how much He cares for us. We can see that God is crying out, “Know Me and My Word. Hear My heart. Be filled with My presence. Spend time with Me, and hear My voice.”

Many Believers fail to experience this dimension. They may read about God and even study His Word, but not really fellowship with Him.

In your life, never forget that God wants you to know Him personally. He wants you to spend time with Him, to talk with Him, and to listen to His voice. That is the cry of His heart.

Today, think about your relationship with God. Is He just part of a religious experience? Or do you really have a personal relationship with Him? Seek Him, and discover how much He loves you.