Crop Rotation

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“Why would land need rest?” Some Israelites must have asked this question when Moses told them God’s command about a Sabbath rest. Some may have continued to resist. But, over time, this principle was proven to be critical for productive farming.

The benefits of rest were demonstrated convincingly in the 18th century when British agriculturalist Charles Townshend popularized a four-year crop rotation. It was discovered that “growing the same crop repeatedly on the same land eventually depletes the soil of different nutrients. Farmers avoided a decrease in soil fertility by practicing crop rotation. Different plant crops were planted in a regular sequence.”

Townshend divided up his fields into four different types of produce, involving wheat, clover, oats (or barley), and turnips. Using this system, he found that he could grow more crops and get a better yield from the land.

The benefits of this strategy were incredible. In 1705, England exported 11.5 million quarters of wheat. By 1765, wheat export had risen to 95 million quarters. They also experienced a significant increase in the quality and quantity of livestock.

Today, crop rotation remains the standard practice for farmers worldwide. People everywhere have discovered that God’s principles work…in every area of life.

Townshend’s discovery is a reminder of the many reasons why we should obey God’s Word. It is so relevant to our lives, and its principles work in every area of our lives: in our personal relationships and business…in health and diet…in finances and families. As we Sow the Seeds we have been given into the “fields” He has given us, He promises that we will Reap a great Harvest.