Courage to Obey God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Amaziah was offended. As a priest, he was expected to have special insights, and be a real man of God. But Amaziah was far from Him, and much more interested in his own, personal opinions and pleasing the king rather than serving God.

After listening to the prophecies of Amos, Amaziah concluded that this prophet needed to be stopped. Amaziah particularly felt that Amos should focus on his own homeland of Judah, not on Israel. He said that Amos should return home and “there prophesy.”

He said that Amos must not have realized that he was in the “king’s sanctuary . . .the royal residence.” He also felt that Amos’ words were inappropriate and unacceptable. So he told Amos to stop delivering these prophecies.

Amos should not have been surprised by these accusations. By human standards, he was the wrong man, in the wrong place, with the wrong message. He was “no prophet,” or even a “son of a prophet.” He simply was “a sheepbreeder.” But there was one difference. He was called by God, and delivering His message.

Amaziah did not want to hear this answer, but, in the sight of God, this was the only perspective that mattered.

If we seek to serve God, we may expect similar reactions. Others may question our background, training, or qualifications. We may be threatened, ridiculed, or rejected. But, ultimately, we have only one recourse: We must obey God and do what He calls us to do.

Today, God looks for people like Amos, who will obey Him, and not be worried about the reaction of the world. Ask God for the courage and faith to follow Him, regardless of what others say.