Continued Humility

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Daniel had everything going for him. He had “no defect,” was “good-looking,” and extraordinarily talented. He had “ability,” and showed “intelligence in every branch of wisdom, endowed with understanding and discerning knowledge.” Even the leaders of Babylon recognized that he was special as they selected him for training only given to their elite.

Daniel received such favor in part because of the consistency of his life and witness. He had demonstrated an extraordinary faith in God in every situation. He was willing to stand fast even when pressured to conform. He easily could have become proud, and felt superior, yet he consistently stayed humble.

We see this humility when he was given revelations he did not understand. Impacted by what he had seen, he became “exhausted and sick for days.” He tried to go about business as usual but still was “astounded at the vision.” Clearly, he was troubled because he could not understand. There was no room for pride.

There are many ways we can respond to the blessings of God. To the abilities, gifts, and insights that He give us. How easily we can feel spiritually superior, and become spiritually proud. But the experience of Daniel reminds us that we always owe everything to God.

Bible makes clear that God looks for men and women who are humble. Who serve Him faithfully, in whatever assignments they are given. Who recognize that God still has all the power, all the wisdom, all the authority. That we are just His servants.

At every stage of your life, seek to stay humble before God. And stay on guard against spiritual pride. And remember that you simply are His servant.