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Joshua made a bold promise to the Israelites that God would do “miracles” among them. But there were conditions. He had tried to prepare them to cross the Jordan River, enter the Promised Land, and be ready to engage the peoples living in the land. They needed to be “strong and courageous” (1:9) and confident that God was with them. But one more action was necessary. Before entering the land, they needed to “consecrate” themselves.

The Hebrew word indicates that they needed to be morally and spiritually ready, pure and clean in God’s sight, with the right attitude. The clear warning was that, despite all their preparations, they could not succeed unless each of them had this spiritual commitment.

This consecration is an important step for each of us if we want victory in our lives and God’s full blessings. As we begin each day, we should make it a habit to commit everything to Him – our plans, thoughts, actions. Fill our minds and hearts with His Word. Seek His discernment and direction. Be alert to the leading of His Spirit.

Remember that God wants to give you complete victory in everything you do. Make sure you are consecrated to Him. Ask Him to search your heart and purify you. Dedicate yourself and every task to Him. Seek His will. Live in obedience to His Word. Seek to please and serve Him. Seek first His kingdom.