Conscientious and Committed

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It was a time to prepare for worship as God had intended. Key to the preparation was being sure that His servants were clean and ready. As a result, King Hezekiah had charged all the priests and Levites in Judah to sanctify themselves and the House of God. Then, after the Temple was cleaned and prepared, these men participated in the restored Temple worship.

Yet many priests were not ready. Some were prepared, but others were not. In contrast, all the Levites were ready. Some stepped in to help the priests “until the work was completed and until the other priests had consecrated themselves.” What made the difference? The Levites were “more conscientious” to consecrate themselves than the priests. They were “more upright in heart” (Amplified).

As these men demonstrated, there are different ways to respond to God’s call. Some respond completely and dedicate themselves wholly to do His will. They are sensitive to His Word and put aside their personal pleasures and priorities to accomplish His work. They are totally committed to God. They seek to be sensitive to His leading, and ready to serve Him in any task to which He calls.

But others are not committed fully to God. They may be busy doing other things or have other priorities. They may just reserve the right to decide for themselves what they will do, and if they will respond.

In your life, how are you responding to God’s call? Are you more like the Levites, or the priests? What are your priorities? Are you ready to answer His call? Be sure to commit yourself fully to serve Him.