More Than Conquerors

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It is interesting that Paul’s statement about being “more than conquerors” came in his letter to Believers in Rome. This was a city that had experienced tumultuous times, and it had seen many conquerors.

In the century before Paul wrote his letter, Rome experienced a bloody civil war. As the result of heated rivalries and intense divisions, their republican form of government had been replaced by an empire ruled by emperors. Throughout the city, there still were major divisions. In fact, Paul wrote this letter during Nero’s turbulent reign, when Christians would have had many reasons to worry and feel defeated.

Yet Paul said these Roman Christians were more than conquerors “in all these things.” To what “things” was he referring?

He just had written that he, personally, had gone through many troubles: tribulation and distress…persecution and famine…peril and sword. But through all of these difficulties, he knew that, because he loved God and was called according to His purpose, all things were working together for good.

Paul had learned that, because of Jesus, Believers can be more than conquerors in every situation we face. We still may endure circumstances that seem hostile or unpleasant. On the surface, it may seem that we are defeated. We still may face opposition and be outnumbered. We may feel anxious, full of stress and worry.

Yet, because of our relationship with Jesus, we can be confident that God will work everything together for our good. Everything!

Today, do not allow any problems to cause you to feel defeated. God can give you His peace in the midst of any situation, and He can cause you to experience victory! No matter what difficulties you may face, or what you are going through, place your faith in God. Remember that, because of Jesus, overwhelming victory can be yours. In fact, you can be more than a conqueror!