Conquering Fear

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Fear is a powerful emotion. It has many triggers: heights, diseases, death, financial problems, wars. But according to a recent study, the leading cause of fear among Americans is giving a speech before a group! In fact, approximately 85% of people experience “stage fright” when giving a speech.

The most polished and experienced speakers can find themselves filled with this emotion—even Cicero (the legendary, first century BC Roman politician who has a reputation of being the greatest orator of all time). Cicero once said, “Personally, I am always very nervous when I begin to speak.”

Fear can be such a distinctive emotion, as we all react in unique ways to different circumstances. Yet all of us know how paralyzing fear can be. It can dominate our hearts and minds. We can be afraid of simple things that seem normal to others. We might be intimidated by certain people. There may be tasks that cause us to be overcome with dread and anxiety.

From a Christian perspective, we need to understand the spiritual root of fear—how Satan seeks to spread fear…how this spirit can envelop and control us…and how it can block the flow of God’s Spirit. We also must realize that we have dominion over this spirit!

Today, are you allowing fear to control you? Are there people you’re afraid of? Are there situations you dread? Are there problems you’re afraid to tackle?

David said he conquered his fears when he “sought the Lord.” God can do the same for you!

Seek Him. Tell Him your fears. Commit to Him anything or anyone you fear. Ask Him to remove these fears, deliver you, and grant you confidence, peace, and trust in Him. Experience His glorious freedom!