Confession in Prayer

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For many people, prayer is a time to make requests to God. To describe our needs and the needs of others. To ask for His help.

But the Bible reminds us that prayer also is a time to focus on our relationship with Him. To fellowship with Him. To meditate on His Word. To listen. To be sensitive to His conviction. And to confess sins and anything that separates us from Him.

In their prayer time, some find it hard to be honest with Him. We even may try to hide from Him. To avoid dealing with subjects we feel may be displeasing to Him.

It can be natural to want to cover up our sins or pretend that they never happened. We can be afraid of correction and the consequences of admitting what we have done. But the Bible reminds us that we may be able to hide from others, but we cannot hide from God.

If we truly want to be clean in His sight, receive answers to our prayers, and experience His power flowing through us, we need to confess our sins. To realize that sin separates us from God, pollutes our lives, and blocks the flow of His Spirit.

In fact, Proverbs warns that if we try to cover up our sins, we cannot prosper. In contrast, we receive forgiveness and mercy when we confess our sins. But we also must forsake our sins. And anything that is displeasing to Him.

Today, ask God to search your heart and mind. To reveal any sins you might have committed, and any thoughts, words, or deeds that displease Him. Be honest with God. Seek His help to make real change. And, as you confess your sins to Him, rejoice in His forgiveness and freedom!