Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

We often desire to sail through life like a ship drifting on a calm sea. We want to arrive at the distant shore without complications. But our journeys may bring us face-to-face with unforeseen obstacles.

The question is how can we prepare for these complications? How will we respond? Will we falter or struggle? Will we cave in under the pressure? Or will we be confident in God, sure that He is with us?

When we encounter complications, it can be difficult to concentrate. Often our minds are preoccupied. Our emotions can be stirred up. It’s hard to hear God or even have faith in Him. That’s why we need to prepare for complications before they take place.

What does this mean practically? Today is the day to prepare for the future, seeking to become spiritually stronger. Commit yourself to reading, studying, and memorizing God’s Word, so it is hidden in your heart. Spend quality time in prayer, so you have a more intimate relationship with the Father.

People may fail to look ahead. Friends may be preoccupied. Unexpected things may occur. But God is already in the future. And He is ready to provide whatever you need.

Make sure you trust in God today. Spend quality time in prayer today. Talk with Him throughout the day. Fill your mind with His Word. Practice thinking His thoughts and confessing His promises. Gain strength and peace through your relationship with Him.