Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God wanted His people to be successful. This is why He gave them His Word. If they obeyed Him and followed His plans, He promised to protect and bless them. But Israel insisted on going their own way, and making their own decisions, not walking by faith but by sight.

For example, when God told them to possess the Promised Land, they added something new. The Bible says that they insisted on sending spies to study the land. Then, these men made subjective judgments, in human terms, comparing the Israelites with the people of the land. They realized that these people were bigger and had significant advantages.

If they would have moved forward by faith, they would have experienced His blessings. Instead, they accepted defeat without even entering the Land.

The same is true for us, every day. God has given us His Word, and told us to trust and obey Him. To move forward in faith, without worry or fear, confident that He will take care of us and provide for us.

But everything changes when we focus on the people around us. Suddenly, we can be filled with doubt and fear, and feel inadequate. Instead of trusting God, we can start thinking negative thoughts, ready to accept defeat without ever engaging in battle.

In your life, learn from those Israelites. Remember that God has given you His Word that you might have victory and be blessed in everything you do. Humble yourself before Him. Seek to serve Him. Learn His Word, and follow His leading. Trust in Him. And move forward boldly by faith.