Committed to Preaching the Gospel

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“Livingstone, I presume.” These famous words have been quoted in countless contexts. The words actually first were spoken on this day in 1871 by journalist Henry Stanley as he greeted medical missionary David Livingstone.

It was thought that Livingstone had been lost, and there was worldwide interest in his fate. Following this story, Stanley and his team journeyed into the heart of Africa.

Livingstone had begun a missionary journey in 1841 in a station near the Kalahari Desert. But he did not linger there, believing that God had called him to reach new people.

Battling countless obstacles, he explored much of Africa’s interior and became the first European to see Victoria Falls. He came back to England as a hero, but his heart remained in Africa, where he returned in 1858. Disappointed by this series of explorations, he returned home in 1864. Yet he ultimately went back to Africa, where he spent the rest of his life serving without salary as the British consul to Central Africa.

Burdened to reach Souls for Christ, he travelled to places so far from civilization that the outside world thought he was lost. Inspired by these concerns, an Anglo-American expedition led by Stanley set out to find him. They discovered that Livingstone was not lost. Instead, he simply had been traveling to new places to win people to Christ.

Livingstone died in 1873 in what is now Zambia, after giving his life to spread the Gospel. His example inspired countless other men and women to become missionaries.

Today, millions of people live in darkness around the world. Who will dedicate themselves and their resources to reaching them with the Gospel? Follow the call of God in your heart, regardless of the cost. Dedicate your time, talent, and treasure to seeing Souls saved for the Kingdom.