Close the Door and Pray

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The disciples did not know what else to do. Gathering together in Jerusalem, they retreated to a secluded location. An upper room where they could meet, talk, and pray in private, without interruption. Alone with each other. Alone with the Lord where they could close the door and pray.

These believers also were in this place (or one like it) on the day of Pentecost when the Spirit fell on them. When their lives were changed forever.

These weren’t the only times they gathered in seclusion. After Peter and John had been arrested, we see the Christian community huddled together in a private place where they could hear from Peter and John, discuss a response, and pray (Acts 4:31).

Cut off from the world, in these places they could pray as long as necessary. They could pray loudly or softly, as individuals or as a group. They could pray without interruption, and until they received an answer.

This was a pattern of prayer established by Jesus, who often retreated to secluded places to pray alone (Matthew 14:23). Teaching His disciples to pray, Jesus said that they were to go into a private place. A closet. And shut the door, so they could pray in secret. To block out distractions and focus exclusively on God (Matthew 6:6).

These are patterns for us to follow. How to respond when we have needs. When we have questions. When we face problems. When we are afraid. When we need breakthroughs and answers.

We are to go to a private place. A room. A closet. Some secluded setting where we can focus on God. Where we can block out the world and all distractions. Where we can pray until we feel His release. Until we have His answer. Until our hearts are at peace.