Clear Direction

Clear Direction

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Bible makes this amazing promise that God Himself is ready to guide and lead us. He is willing to keep us on course. If we make mistakes, He can correct us and help us move in the right direction. If we feel lost or are groping in the dark, He can shine His light and make the pathway clear.

We might find ourselves on bumpy roads filled with potholes, on winding roads where we feel insecure, or on mountainous paths that seem hard to climb. But He can make every path smooth and lead us home.

What wonderful promises! But how can we make them true in our lives? We make them work for us by putting aside our own thoughts, not trying to figure everything out, surrendering our lives to Him, calling on Him constantly, and acknowledging Him in everything we do. We must trust in Him completely at all times.

The miracle is that these promises really are true! And they are true for you! But you need to take action and not take His guidance for granted.

Realize that Almighty God really wants to guide you today! He wants to lead you into prosperity and peace, take away your burdens, and keep you on course. Fill Your mind with His Word and put it into practice each minute of the day. Seek Him for your decisions and problems. Have faith that He will direct your path.