Christ Crucified

Christ Crucified

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The cross makes some people uncomfortable. Many would rather focus on love or the gentle Christ Child in the manger. Others think of Jesus simply as a wise man, full of good teachings and parables.

Paul pointed out that some find the cross a stumbling block. The Greek word comes from the part of a trap to which bait is attached. In the same way, the cross is a cause for stumbling for many people, seeming like nothing more than a trap. And to others, the cross is just foolish.

But Christians must never can forget that the cross is central to our faith. Our attitude toward the cross provides a test to see if we have truly yielded our will to God. When we focus on the cross, we place His will above our own, and thus show that we have really made Jesus our Lord.

The cross also points us to the reality of death and the resurrection, and it opens the door to the supernatural realm. The cross means that there is only one way to God, and that way is through the death of Jesus.

Without Jesus death, we would have remained dead in our sins and guilty before God. To be set free, we must embrace the cross and all that it represents.

Today, remember that Jesus died on the cross for you. Surrender your time, talent, and treasure to Him, right now, and seek His Kingdom and His righteousness. Die to self, and live your life for Jesus!