Choose Your Wood Wisely

Choose Your Wood Wisely

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The Bradford pear tree is a beautiful, spring, flowering tree popular across the southern United States. Although noted for beauty, these trees have several weaknesses. They are not hardy and live only about 25 years. These trees are prone to split, particularly because of storms. They also can split as they grow and their limbs become heavier or simply because of old age.

In contrast, some types of trees live for generations, surviving the heat, cold, and even violent storms. One of these is the sandalwood tree. They are beautiful but also strong. In contrast to Bradford pear trees, sandalwood trees can have a long lifespan.

Because of these characteristics, sandalwood was used in the construction of the temple as well as for musical instruments in Bible times.

These two trees provide contrasting models. Some people seek to be like Bradford pear trees, focusing on short-term pleasures and temporary beauty. But others seek substance and rewards that last into eternity.

Think about the goals of your life. Are you like a Bradford pear tree, seeking short-term pleasures? Or are you like a sandalwood tree, weathering the storms of life and focusing on eternal riches?

Remember, you need to be prepared for challenges. If you depend on the world, you can be vulnerable. Make sure you are ready. Be strong in the Spirit, rooted in God’s Word, and equipped for spiritual warfare. Seek things that last!