Choices at Every Turn

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Life is filled with choices—decisions we must make every day. Each choice represents a fork in the road. And, whether major or minor, our decisions impact our lives, our careers, our finances, our spiritual lives, our families, and our relationships.

Jesus taught that there would be many choices to consider, but we must focus on two primary options: one way that is wide, and a second way that is narrow. He asks us to consider this important question: Where do these paths lead? What happens when we go through each door?

The wide way is the easiest and most popular. It has the fewest perceived obstacles. It is easy to recognize and difficult to avoid. But Jesus warned that though these wide gates may seem desirable, the end result will bring disappointment or even disaster:“destruction.”

In contrast, the narrow road can seem uncertain and risky. It may seem to have too many obstacles and difficulties. It is a path that can seem lonely and out of step with the crowd; nevertheless, it leads to life. Jesus warns that “there are few who find it,” but, in the end, this choice will be rewarded.

Today, ask God to give you discernment about the choices you face and the decisions you make. Remember: You don’t have to do what is popular or go along with the crowd. Seek God for the wisdom you need. Commit your ways and your choices to Him. Let Him direct your path!