A Child Is Born

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Who can help us solve our problems? Many dream of an elite class of warriors. Educated, wise men with superior insights. Mighty leaders. Yes, even “super men.”

Long before comic books and films, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche introduced the concept of “super man” (das übermensch). Born in Prussia in 1844, Nietzsche thought that the world’s hope was tough men who had been hardened.

To Nietzsche, “good” was defined as all that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself in man. What was “bad” in Nietzsche’s eyes? All that proceeds from weakness. What is happiness to him? The feeling that power is growing, that resistance is overcome. To him, Christianity just encouraged failure and weakness.

Nietzsche’s philosophy has been adopted, in various forms, by many governments and leaders. It has inspired wars and politicians, writers and athletes. Still today, many look for super men, rather than servants. But all such efforts, ultimately, are in vain—merely chasing after the wind.

Many in Jesus’ day looked for a kind of super man to solve their problems or to overturn Roman rule. Yet God sent a child instead, born in a humble stable, announced not to the powerful or rich, but to common shepherds.

Jesus taught that the key to power and greatness was not achievement or human strength but childlike faith. That faith opened the doors to God’s Kingdom and blessings (Mark 10:15). He said that God has “hidden” His truths “from the wise and intelligent” and “revealed them to infants” (Luke 10:21).

To whom are you looking to solve your problems? And who can solve the problems of your country and the world? Don’t waste your time looking for “super men.” Have faith in God, just like a little child. And trust in Jesus. He is your only Hope. He is the Messiah and Savior!