Chased and Hounded

Chased and Hounded

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David was fleeing for his life. Trying to escape the relentless pursuit of King Saul, he hid in a cave. Still feeling vulnerable, he wrote this psalm.

Conscious of his urgent need for God’s help, he cried out for mercy. He had nowhere else to turn. David took refuge in the shadow of His wings. There, he would stay until the threat had passed and God vindicated him.

David was conscious that God would save him from “those who hotly pursue me.” The Hebrew word here suggests being hounded and chased by a person breathlessly determined and motivated by intense anger. This surely describes the way Saul was pursuing him.

We feel vulnerable many ways. We might feel chased, backed into a corner, and not sure what to do. We might feel pursued by people seeking to silence our testimony. When we can’t find peace and when others twist our words, we feel overwhelmed.

As David discovered, in moments like these we need to turn to God. Cry out for His help. Remember His promises. Remember we can find refuge in Him, even when we can’t seem to find peace in the world.

What situations do you face today? Do you feel vulnerable? Hounded? Tell God every detail of your feelings and fears. Confess His promises. And trust in Him. As David discovered, He can send forth His love and faithfulness
because He loves you, and He is faithful.