Changing to Be Like Children

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The world often celebrates people who seem to have charisma, those who are articulate and can sway the multitudes, people with experience and credentials, the rich and powerful, the beautiful and famous.

But Jesus said God’s Kingdom is different. In fact, just to enter this Kingdom, we must be “converted and become like children.” This is a Kingdom that requires childlike faith!

This means believing what God says, like children, without reservations or hesitation. It requires laying aside all questions and doubts, being humble and not driven by pride, focusing not on our own recognition or reputation but on serving Him.

This path can be difficult to follow. But Believers always must remember that the Christian life is to be a journey of childlike faith and trust.

This is an exceedingly practical matter that all of us face every day. We always must remember that spiritual growth and maturity are impossible unless we lay aside our pride and learn to trust, have faith, and believe.

Jesus said that this focus requires being “converted.” It is a conscious decision, an act of our will. We must change! But we also must remember that this is a process. We must become like children.

These principles are true no matter how long we have been Believers. We are to grow and develop in our faith, but we always must have childlike faith.

Today, humble yourself before God. Fill your mind with His Word. Live by that Word and by faith. This pattern will transform your life and help you experience more of the riches of God’s Kingdom.