Change Your Attitude

Change Your Attitude

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Over and over, Jeremiah faced situations that he personally did not desire or seek. He was called to deliver messages for God that he knew would be unpopular and did not necessarily reflect his personal views. Even before speaking, he knew he would be criticized. We sense his reluctance and lack of enthusiasm for many assignments.

But God had given him the attitude he was to embrace. Personally, he might have felt unqualified for some assignments. He might have felt he was the wrong person, and others could do the job better. God simply told Jeremiah that he had the wrong focus.

Instead of looking at his personal experiences, desires, and abilities, he was to focus on God. Everywhere he went, Jeremiah was His representative. His only challenge was to hear God clearly and do the things He called him to do. His only job was to deliver the messages God asked him to deliver and to remain faithful to his assignments.

In many ways, we might feel the same way perhaps reluctant, unqualified, and overwhelmed by our challenges and the size of our opposition. We may not really know what to do. We are aware of our weaknesses, sometimes too aware. This is why we need to stay sensitive to God and in tune with His Spirit so that we can be bold to fulfill every assignment He gives and always trust completely in Him.