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For many people in our culture, Jesus’ birth is a story not to be taken literary. It is more of a feel-good myth filled with interesting characters. The subject of songs and pageantry, and an excuse for parties and special events. In fact, the focus, for many, has shifted away from Jesus, the Savior who died for our sins.

Yes, it is possible to celebrate the Christmas story without wholeheartedly believing in the Biblical account. Just to think about the symbols of the baby Jesus, the joy of family and tradition. The opportunity to have hope for the future. The possibility that there can be positive solutions to world problems. The desire for peace on earth.

But believers have the opportunity to go much deeper. To realize that this is much more than a story, but a world-changing event, and just part of what God accomplished by sending His Son.

In his investigation, Luke had the opportunity to talk to eyewitnesses. To ponder deeper questions. As a doctor, he would have been sensitive to details.

We read this commitment in the opening words of his Gospel. There he describes how his goal was to enable his readers to have great certainty. To provide an account that was accurate and trustworthy. That readers didn’t just need to base their faith on rumors and traditions, but to “know the exact truth” (v. 4). To know what really happened.

In our lives, each of us has the opportunity to take this journey ourselves. To learn from others. To read the accounts and hear the testimonies. But also to have an encounter with Jesus. To know Him personally. To experience the full meaning of His birth, His life, His death and resurrection. To have absolutely no doubts about what we believe.