Center of Everything

Center of Everything

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Many people struggle and strive, seeking to find fulfillment. In this pursuit, many focus on pleasures, wealth, possessions, careers, experiences, and rewards. But the Bible reminds us that all these efforts are destined to fall short. The simple fact is that there is “no good thing” apart from God (v. 2). In fact, we owe everything to Him.

David learned that God is our “cup” and “portion” (v. 5). This means that we can rest in Him and not worry. When we trust in God, He brings order and accomplishes His purposes at just the right time. He gives pleasant places for us to dwell and an inheritance that makes us content!

As we focus on God, He can give us confidence and free us from worry, anxiety, and fear because He is with us and has a plan for our lives. Because we know that He will not abandon us, we can trust Him. We can live with confidence, joy, and peace.

The world may promise ultimate, temporal rewards. But God alone can give us life, fullness of joy, and lasting pleasures. He alone can show us the path that leads to lasting fulfillment.

Focus on Him. Seek Him. Stand on His promises. Trust Him. He stands ready to make known to you “the path of life” and fill you with joy in His presence. He wants to give you “eternal pleasures” at His right hand.