Causing Trouble

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Some people are just like Ahab, king of Israel. They’re content with their lives, doing what they want. And they certainly don’t want anyone suggesting that they might need to change. That God wasn’t pleased.

What happens when a person like Elijah comes into the lives of people like this? To Ahab, Elijah was nothing but a “troubler.” He did nothing but stir up trouble, as if there had been peace and he disrupted the tranquility. Elijah seems like nothing but a meddler, an irritant.

The problem was that Elijah was God’s servant with a message from God. Ultimately, Ahab was not upset with Elijah, but with God Himself.

There are many ways any of us might have experiences like this. Like Ahab, we might have willingly disobeyed God. But we also may be in situations where we just want to go our own way. There are times when we are content and just want to be left alone, and don’t want anyone suggesting any changes.

This attitude can create a kind of false peace. But God may have a different perspective. He is concerned not about our temporary desires but our eternal well-being. He might need to trouble us to get our attention and to help us realize that we need to change. He might need to warn us or deliver a message we may not want to hear – all because He loves us.

These are important reasons to stay sensitive to His Spirit. To attune our lives to His Word. To seek Him in prayer. But He also may speak to us, and ask us to deliver His messages, which may not be popular. Like Elijah, we must be willing to fulfill His call, even if others disagree.

In every way, make sure you seek first His Kingdom, and make sure your highest priority is pleasing and serving Him.