Careful How You Hear

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The standards we expect in sound have changed. The earliest films were “silent,” and, when sound was added, it often was a novelty. In the early days of television and recordings, the sound typically was thin and scratchy. Listening now, we can be struck by the level of distortion and lack of depth.Modern listeners have become accustomed to new dimensions in sound. But the process that led to these higher standards can seem surprising.

One pioneer was British scientist Alan Blumlein, who became bothered by the poor quality sound in films. He developed a technology he called “binaural” sound. But leaders at his company did not share his enthusiasm and asked him to stop working on “stereo” and focus on radar and television.

Even as progress toward genuine stereo was made 1950s, most recordings still were made in mono sound. Some sessions were recorded in both stereo and mono, but many leading musicians and executives still preferred mono.

One famous conductor refused to take stereo seriously, calling it “stereocomic.” One rock star recalled feeling that stereo ruined the sound. “I remember thinking ‘Why? What do you want two speakers for?’”

Sound quality may have improved, but this has not diminished the importance of our human contribution. We still need to determine how carefully we will listen. This also is true in our spiritual lives.

Jesus encouraged us to be “careful” how we listen. The Greek word implies a sense of earnestness. A strong desire. A zeal. This wasn’t just a casual matter or something optional. How we listen is important. And careful listening is important to receiving God’s blessings.

In your life, remember that God wants you to experience spiritual riches and be blessed with abundance. Ask Him to help you be more careful how you listen.