Cannot Be Destroyed

Cannot Be Destroyed

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The law symbolized the old ways of looking at life. It was based on human behavior, and enforced by priests who had human limitations. But the Bible reminds us that through His resurrection, Jesus demonstrated a power “that cannot be destroyed.” This supernatural power is beyond our natural abilities or understanding.

Yet many Christians still approach their faith based on their human understanding and the limits of their flesh. The fact is that Jesus came to set us free from these limitations. He is not restricted by our human minds, abilities, or the power of the flesh. He came so we could see life in a new way and experience a new dimension!

Hebrews tries to help us understand this change by teaching that Jesus was not like priests of old who came from the tribe of Levi. He does not have the limits of a human priest. He is a priest forever after the “line of Melchizedek,” which also encompasses His kingly traits.

Ask God to help you experience this dimension of spiritual life. He can change your attitude and give you an entirely new approach. He can solve your problems and meet your needs. He can give you power to help change the world for good and transform your own life.

Remember, your Savior has no limits. He is beyond time, and His power and life cannot be destroyed.