Buried Treasure

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For centuries, scholars were baffled by the mysteries of “hieroglyphs,” the inscriptions written on Egypt’s pyramids and ancient documents. These symbols remained unintelligible even to the most brilliant specialists. There was new hope when the “Rosetta stone” was discovered in 1799 during Napoleon’s Egyptian expedition. This stone provided new clues about hieroglyphs, but their mysteries still remained unsolved.

Many scholars concluded that the task would prove impossible, but a young Frenchmen, Jean François Champollion, became determined to find a solution. As a young man, he had mastered ancient languages, including Coptic, the language spoken in Egypt in the years after the birth of Jesus. He became so immersed that he described thinking and even dreaming in Coptic.

Equipped with this special insight, Champollion was able to decipher the mysteries of the hieroglyphs, solving problems that others felt could not be solved.

Many look at their problems and give up, concluding that they are too difficult. Others never dig beneath the surface, and fail to go deeper.

Some have this attitude toward the Bible and our faith. Facing life’s challenges, they doubt that God ever could give them an understanding of mysteries, or reveal deeper truths to them. Others are content with a shallow faith and superficial knowledge. Yet the Bible tells us that God is ready to reveal greater spiritual riches to anyone who asks. To all who seek wisdom as they would search for “hidden treasures.”

In your life, ask God to open your eyes. Believe that He can give you deeper insights. Become more passionate about His Word. As you have questions, ask Him for revelation and understanding. And keep digging. Remember that He promises to reveal deeper things, if you seek His wisdom as you would seek for buried treasure.