Burdens and Stress

Burdens and Stress

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Paul faced circumstances in which he felt crushed and overwhelmed. He found it difficult to endure pressure this great. Although a mighty man of God, things had gotten so bad that he thought he would “never live through it.”

Through these experiences Paul realized that God was teaching him a valuable lesson: He needed to rely on God and not on himself.

As he realized his own weaknesses, he could learn to depend on God. Paul realized that God can raise the dead. In other words, His power has no limits. He can do what seems impossible. If we trust Him, He can rescue us, provide for us, and turn hopeless situations into victories.

Paul also realized the power of prayer. He was rescued because the Corinthians prayed for him. He knew many people would give thanks “because God has graciously answered so many prayers” (v. 11).

Today, you may face situations in which burdens and pressures seem overwhelming. The Bible urges you to remember that God can use these experiences to help you mature in your faith. In your flesh, you may be weak, but He can give you overcoming strength and everything you need.

Keeping praying. Keep turning these situations over to God. Encourage others to pray for you as you pray for others. Realize that God can “raise the dead.” Remember, with Him, nothing is impossible. Put your trust in Him.