Briers, Thorns and Scorpions

Briers, Thorns and Scorpions

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

From our perspective, the prophet Ezekiel can appear bold and fearless. Yet, early in his life, we see a man who seems to be under stress. A man not sure of himself, filled with uncertainty and doubt.

This is a picture that emerges from the instructions God gave him. For example, three times within the same sentence, God told him not to be afraid. He also told him not to be “dismayed” by others. (The Hebrew word here suggests being broken and in despair even terrified, filled with panic to the point of being disabled.)

His situation was like being with “briers and thorns.” This is a picture of hidden problems and dangers. On the surface, the scene seems peaceful and idyllic. But, in reality, briers and thorns were everywhere, ever ready to scratch, tear at him, even harm him, in ways that might have crippled and hurt him.

God said that Ezekiel was dwelling “among scorpions.” Scorpions can tear apart any creature that they catch, even sucking the very fluid of their lives. Larger scorpions can paralyze victims with venom.

These graphic images remind us that the world is filled with people whose impact is like scorpions. That we are surrounded by briers and thorns. All of us have been in situations in which we have been victimized, torn apart, and wounded. We can be criticized. How easily we can become dismayed. Crippled by the attitudes of others. Afraid. Paralyzed.

Today, remember the lessons that God gave Ezekiel. Fill your life with His Word. Surrender your life to Him. Stay sensitive to His Spirit, committed to serve Him. Don’t allow others to distract you. Trust in God. Stay faithful. And don’t give in to fear or worry.