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David experienced a major breakthrough. It happened at a time when he faced a powerful opponent, when it would have been easy to accept defeat. The Philistines had heard that David had been anointed king. They remembered how he had defeated their champion, Goliath, and led Israel’s armies to victories over them. Deciding to attack this adversary, they went “in search of David” and “made a raid in the valley of Rephaim” (west of Jerusalem).

David, this mighty warrior, was ready to confront these enemies. But, before taking any action, he “inquired of God.” He wanted to know if the Lord wanted him to attack. God responded, “Go up, for I will give them into your hand.”

When Israel followed God’s leading, they won a great victory. David realized that this had been a “breakthrough.” He had “broken through” the defenses of his enemies like rushing water exploding through a blockage, “like a bursting flood” (ESV).

David was very conscious of the enormity of the problem he faced and of all God had done for him in the past. He knew that the Lord had shattered the walls that stood before him, tearing open a hole in the enemy line so a great victory could be won.

It was such a powerful moment that he changed the name of the place where the battle was fought. It became known as “Baal-perazim,” the “possessor of breaches.” David wanted everyone to remember that God had given him this breakthrough.

In our lives, we face many adversaries and problems. We can feel overwhelmed and outnumbered…afraid and discouraged…or filled with doubt and worry. It can seem that defeat is inevitable.

But remember that God is the God of breakthroughs. He can give you victory in any situation, creating breaches in any wall that seems to block your path. Believe Him for breakthroughs!