Bound by Tradition

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Everything should have changed for Jesus’ followers. The Spirit had arrived and given them fresh insights. Yet some continued to be bound by the old ways.

Over and over, the Spirit revealed new dimensions God had prepared for believers – a life beyond the limits of the flesh. No longer were they to feel boxed in by traditions, but liberated to live a dynamic faith.

But some refused to change. The old ways were so deeply ingrained that they resisted the liberating work of God’s Spirit. They were bound by traditions and past interpretations of laws.

Many people today have similar limitations. The same Holy Spirit is present and available to us. The Bible provides numerous examples of ways He can impact our lives. But to experience the fullness of the Spirit, we cannot allow the limits of the flesh to put a stranglehold on our faith.

We should be always rooted in God’s immutable Word, so we can follow the leading of the Spirit. We must ask God to open our eyes and teach us His ways. We need to move past our limits to grasp the full dimension of His Kingdom.

In your life, dare to believe God. Dare to believe His Word. Dare to be open to the leading of His Spirit. Dare to leave the past behind. Ask Him to help you see the world in light of His limitless power and His timeless revelations.