Boldness and Power

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many Jews and Gentiles in Iconium responded to the Gospel. Then the atmosphere changed when disbelieving Jews stirred up trouble, trying to make it more difficult to respond.

Some Gentiles became “embittered.” It would have been a logical time for Paul and Barnabas to run away. To react with fear. To water down their message. To compromise.

Instead, they renewed their commitment to speak “boldly.” The Jews wanted them to give up or stop preaching. Instead they became even bolder, believing that God would do “signs and wonders.” As a result, many miracles took place and many believed.

Eventually Paul and Barnabas had to depart Iconium, but they left after this time of bold witness. After they had demonstrated the reality of the Gospel.

In our lives, we can expect opposition and difficulties. Some people will resist and reject the Gospel. There will be problems to overcome. How easily we can allow ourselves to be influenced by criticism. But there is much we can learn from how Paul and Barnabas acted in Iconium.

Today, make sure that you do not give in to fear, compromise, or worry. The Bible assures us that God wants us to live our faith boldly and put our faith into action. He wants us to be instruments through which He might demonstrate His power.

Be willing to believe Him for miracles, that signs and wonders might be done in your life, and in the lives of others. Make a commitment to live with a bold faith. Expect God to demonstrate His power that He might be glorified and lives might be changed.