A Bold Witness

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When Abraham gave him the choice of living anywhere in the region, Lot settled in Sodom. It was a fertile land, and Lot thought it was the best place to live. Although it soon became apparent that the land was filled with immorality, there’s no indication that Lot did anything about the immorality…until three angels arrived in Sodom. Then the men of the city “surrounded the house,” calling on Lot to bring the angels out “that we may have relations with them.”

Suddenly, Lot became willing to speak out. His solution? He offered his virgin daughters to the men, hoping this would placate them (vs. 4-8). What a shocking offer! We see not only how far Lot’s morals and values had been corrupted, but also how little he thought of his daughters.

The men found Lot’s actions to be intolerable. In particular, they were offended by Lot’s suggestion that a moral code existed—that some things were right, while others were wrong.

The same problem is rampant in society today. Many simply reject the entire idea of truth. They insist on deciding for themselves what is right and wrong. Christians often are condemned when they stand up for Biblical principles and proclaim the truth of the Gospel.

How do we respond? Are we afraid of what others might say—unwilling to stand for truth? Or are we truly sold out to God and His Kingdom? Do we place a higher priority on serving Him than on the pleasures and popular opinions of the world?

Make your decision to stand for God. Don’t compromise or be silent. Be His witness and speak out for Him…no matter what others might say.